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Things to keep in mind for the first visit

Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.  This will allow you to fill out the Intake Form, which is required prior to the first session, and discuss any problems you may have been having with your Massage Therapist.  It will also allow you to ask any questions about the session so you feel comfortable.  You may also click on the following link if you would like to fill out the Intake Form prior to the appointment and bring it with you:  INTAKE FORM

If you are having any of the following issues within 24 hours of the appointment time, please reschedule your session via phone call or text to (484) 321-3011:

  • Fever

  • Cold or flu

  • Skin irritations such as sunburn, poison ivy, athletes foot, wounds

  • New medication, or currently working with a doctor to stabilize a medication, such as medication for blood pressure or diabetes type 2

  • Injury such as a car accident or a fall

  • Diagnosed with lyme disease

Massage Therapy is not recommended if you have one or more of the following:

  • Blood clots

  • Illness such as the flu or a cold

  • Currently taking anitbiotics

  • Contagious skin condition or rash

  • Injury or accident within 3 days prior to the massage session

  • Donated blood within 3 days prior to the massage session

  • Have received a vaccination within 3 days prior to the massage session

  • Surgery 8 weeks prior to the massage session

Parking for the West Chester Office is in front of the building.  The office is near the Chester County Hospital Fern Hill Medical Campus.  The address is 917 Old Fern Hill Road, Suite #500, West Chester, PA 19380.

Muscle Therapy sessions at the West Chester office are in a private room.  Clients can undress to their level of comfort.  If you would like to remain clothed during the session, please bring or wear relaxed clothing, such as gym clothes.  The client's comfort is the most important factor, so please be certain to discuss with the therapist any areas you would not like to be worked on, or if you have any skin allergies so that the massage oils and creams will not cause an allergic reaction.

Please contact Fluid Motion, LLC Muscle Therapy if you have any questions.   If you are ready to schedule a free consultation and/or your first appointment, please click the "Book Now" button at the top of the page.  Consultations can be done in person or via phone.  If you do not see an available time that will work with your schedule, we are flexible!  Please give us a call at (484) 321-3011 or send us an email to mb@fluidmotionllc.com and we can find a time that will work best for you.  Looking forward to seeing you soon!